"Radiant, softly textured illustrations, featuring rich jewel tones, dynamic scenes, and plenty of delightful Venetian flourishes, elevate this look at musical composition from the author-illustrator of Mozart Finds a Melody (2004)."   Booklist

“A good introduction to both music history and creative writing.” School Library Journal


"It’s a laudable idea to enrich understanding of a composition so ubiquitous it’s become synonymous with hold music, and Costanza’s velvety pastel pictures, with their doll-like characterizations, dreamy settings, and palette of Venetian blues and greens, lends a fairy tale feel to the story.”   Publishers Weekly


“Altogether, a pleasing interpretation of the creative process and the power of art to connect individuals.”    Kirkus Reviews


“Each word is well-chosen and together with the accompanying illustrations which are beautiful and vivid, the story of these 'invisible children' comes alive, and both my daughter and I were incredibly touched. My daughter has been inspired by this tale and is now keen to explore poems and write poetry!  A recommended read! “ Z. Hayes


NoodleMan, The Pasta Superhero

"BEST NEW SUPERHERO...Al Dente, aka Noodle Man: the Pasta Superhero"    Book Magazine, Best of 2002

"Wildly playful artwork, from its Mediterranean colors to its characters' dreamy eyelids, melds with Sayre's goofy story, which will surely inspire readers to experiment with noodle shapes and -beware -to play with their food.” (Picture book. 4-7)    Kirkus

"A new kind of caped crusader . . .Sayre's outrageous food puns, paired with Stephen Costanza's delectable illustrations, are a treat for children of all ages."   Heidi Henneman, Bookpage

"Costanza is an illustrator to watch. Blending the burnished palette and twirling energy of Raul Colon, the softness of Leonid Gore, and a sense of fun that trills to a melody all its own, his paintings offer an ingenious view of eighteenth-century Vienna.”  Jennifer Mattson, Booklist  

“My son who is 6 years old says, "You should get it!" This beautiful story has inspired my son to listen for music in the city as we go through our day. He often wonders aloud how Mozart would use a certain sound (like say for instance, our city bus) if Mozart was composing a new piece of music. We love this story.”  L. Sturges, Oakland, CA

Mozart Finds A Melody

“Throughout the book, Costanza’s large-scale pastels illustrate
the story with sweeping, curved lines and warm, softly applied colors. An original prince-princess story with a nice message.” 
Carolyn Phelan, Booklist  

Ten Big Toes and a Prince’s Nose

Vivaldi and the Invisible Orchestra

National Book Award–winner Whelan (Homeless Bird) writes a substantive story about the value of perseverance.  Written with humor, empathy, and an eye toward human foibles, this story develops and resolves with charm, and its message goes down easy. Costanza
(A Christmas Spider’s Miracle) paints full-page interiors in deep hues
of red, green, and purple that convey both the darkness of the monastery and the illumination within its inhabitants.”  All ages.   Publisher’s Weekly, Starred Review    Full Review

“Costanza’s illustrations have the look and feel of animated movie art, which adds humor to what is essentially an apprenticeship tale. 
A lengthy read-aloud for parent/child sharing, but one that could be inspirational for the right listener.” Gr 2-5    School Library Journal


Smudge and the Book of Mistakes

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