A.   First I did a rough sketch using gray and brown pencils on paper.  I don't use an eraser much at this stage — working quickly, I simply draw over lines I don't want.  I'm more concerned with establishing gesture, facial expression, and overall design.   
B.   After importing the sketch into Procreate, I begin the painting process on a separate layer, using one or two colors.  With a limited palette I can explore a wide range of lights and darks without being too concerned with color at this point.  The original pencil sketch is still visible behind the painting layer. 
C.   Focusing on the witch puts me in the mood of the entire piece.  I also block in the largest areas and shapes, like the background and the trees.  I'm not thinking about the small details just yet — rather I try to compose the entire piece so that all the large shapes start to work well together.     
D.   I add another layer of trees and mists, and adjust the color of the background to a neutral gray, so that the witch is prominent.  I decide to keep the colors to a minimum; mostly neutrals of gray and brown.  I lightly brush in the ground with ochre — a new color, which adds a touch of warmth. 
E.   At this point I'm happy with the witch.  Now I go back to the ghost, making it taller than before.  I also start to block in the pumpkins.  As everything is on its own layer, I can freely move any object across the canvas to determine a good place for it.     
F.   As the pumpkins come to life, I balance their orangey glow with a deeper ochre for the ground, and smudge in a little blue at the tops of the trees. The bat, fireflies and lamp were added at the end.   
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